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March 27th, 2011 | Posted by Gina in HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING | PLASTIC FREE TIPS

How does one survive with out bin liners? People get pretty emotional about this one for some reason. ┬áBins are usually plastic anyway – so no need to line them again with plastic. ┬áJust place the rubbish straight into the bin, and if you have moist/wet rubbish use newspaper to wrap it in before placing it in the bin. Then empty the whole bin into your large wheelie bin.
I have found I generate less rubbish since I started a plastic free year, and organic waste can easily be composted.

Ecology Provisions range uses recycled stainless steel and natural bamboo (a sustainable resource) and the company has a philosophy of considering every aspect of development and manufacture process of a product in order to reduce the environmental impact of it’s products and packaging. I brought an icecream scoop and a zester – I love the fact the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, and can be placed back into recycling. The product is even tied to the packaging with brown string – no plastic tags here! They have a lovely earthy look too.

I’ve been using these for a few weeks now, and they are great. They come in eco-packaging which is 100% recycled cardboard, and there are a variety of cloths for different household purposes eg. windows and kitchen. No chemical detergents are needed and my mirrors and shower walls are streak free. When they are dirty, just throw them in the wash – they last for around 300 washes.

Delicious package free body and hand soaps can be found at homemade craft fairs, health stores, organic stores, farmers markets and co-ops, but supermarkets often offer no choice but to purchase commercially made soaps in packaging. Luckily a few supermarket soaps are packaged in cardboard not plastic so look out for those ones.

Safe toilet paper can be found in major supermarkets and offer ‘original’ and ‘super white’ toilet paper options. Their environmental cred is pretty impressive:Made from 100% recycled paper, are 100% Australian owned and made, not rebleached, no added fragrance, Biodegradable tissue, safe for all systems including septic, and they are endorsed by Planet Ark.<For more information on Safe toilet paper and other great Planet Ark endorsed products visit Safe toilet paper.

I have been refilling my old laundry liquid and laundry softner containers at CERES Environmental Park store, but another option availble at supermarkets is Aware laundry powders that are made with plant oil based surfactants instead of petroleum oil derived surfactants and are biodegradable with no phosphates added. Phosphorus chemicals in conventional detergents feed blue-green algae and lead to algal blooms. This contributes to the build up of weeds and algal slime in our waterways and choke other precious aquatic life forms by using up the available oxygen. Other benefits are the packaging is recyclable and uses 85% recycled board, and it is safe for grey water systems. For more info visit Aware.


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  • Beattie says:

    I buy a number of household products in bulk size which I then pour into small more practical sized jars which can easily be handled on a day to day basis. For instance, I buy a 2.5kg bottle of honey. I fill up a small jar with some of the honey and then refill when needed. This is a much cheaper way of shopping and saves on plastic.

  • kirsty says:

    can i buy the e-cloths in Australia. if so where?

  • The amount of plastic packaging in Australian supermarkets is getting beyond insane. I think it is truly time that people started making a stand against plastic packaging like I have done in my business and home.