This little Tasmanian company has got it right. All of their Bath and Beauty products are 100% nasty chemical free, and they have understood how harmful plastic is for over 20 years, therefore most of their packaging is plastic free. Try their solid shampoo bars and soaps – they’re awesome!
Beth Terry lives in the US and has been living plastic free since 2007 – she has many helpful plastic free tips on her site to check out.  and
A silicon menstrual cup – using these will save thousand of sanitary items (tampons and pads contain plastic!) going to landfil.
Natracare offer plastic free sanitary pads, maternity pads and tampons – one of the only companies I know that do.
Mattresses that contain no plastic – just wool, cotton and latex. Mattresses do get shipped in plastic lining, however it is comforting knowing you aren’t sleeping on a plastic chemical cocktail orbreathing in all the off-gases from conventional polyester or foam mattresses.
Baby bassinet and cot mattresses filled with tea tree bark – no plastic and tested safe for baby’s.  The safest bedding for babies – it’s what we used 😉
Mascara (vintage style lash paint in tin), foundation, and lip balm check out T.W.I.N.K handmade cosmetics on Esty.


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