It’s all about being the solution, not the problem.
What started me on this whole living plastic free journey, was watching a couple of documentaries on plastic pollution, one of them being this 3 minute clip.



Every piece of plastic that has ever been created still exists. Even if through physical disturbance plastic has broken down to miniscule particles, the chemicals and it’s toxicity still exists, and it still poses a threat to the health of anything that consumes it. And it’s easy to consume – marine life and even some land animals often mistake it for their food source.
Most of the time us humans are at the end of the food chain. It has been estimated that 98% of the worlds population is a little bit plastic now!
I’m not totally anti-plastic. Using it to store transfusion blood in hospitals does decrease the risk of the blood becoming contaminated with a transmittable disease, but I think in general we have gone too far. Between 2000-2010, more plastic was produced than in the entire history of plastic. We’ve been sold the idea that using disposable plastic is easier than simply washing the spoon.


Plastic Spoon poster


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  • Susan says:

    recently I asked the event organiser at our school if there was some other way to host events without the use of hundreds of plastic plates, cups, cutlery etc. Her reply, “well who is going to wash up?” The ocean obviously. Out of sight and its someone else’s problem. Our huge amount of waste needs to be a regular feature on the news. Like sport we should get updates of the amount of waste our state created that week including highly toxic radioactive waste. It is all, so invisible, except for littering: so easy to ignore. Thanks for putting it out there.


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